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Why Most Tuition Centre’s Culture Kills Your Child’s Learning
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Why Most Tuition Centre’s Culture Kills Your Child’s Learning

Why Most Tuition Centre’s Culture Kills Your Child’s Learning

If you’re currently sending your child for tuition, then you might be unknowingly ignoring one HUGE factor…

This factor underlines the learning environment of the student… and it’d likely affect his motivation and interest towards the subject.

Believe it or not… you can’t afford to neglect CULTURE when you want your child to do well in school.


Some parents think that culture is fluffy or intangible – that’s a big mistake.

Here’s why:

If your child in an environment with a winning culture, the probability of them succeeding is way higher than the average Joe.

So this begs the question:

“How Do I Identify Tuition Centres In Singapore With Great Culture?”

 To answer this question, we’ll have to first define what’s culture.

In the context of education, we can see culture as the holistic learning environment of your child.

Comprising of factors like… the quality of your tutor, the community your child is learning in, and lastly, the resources and facilities available for your child.

First off, tuition centres with great culture can’t do without GREAT tutors.


In fact, it’s not wrong to say tutors are the engine of The Physics Cafe.


Unlike what some of you might think, our tutors aren’t only responsible for lesson planning and teaching.

They are also responsible for engaging our students and last but not least, inspiring them to learn Physics better.

I’ve taught Physics for over 15 years, and I know that it’s easy to do a mediocre job but pretty darn difficult to do it well.

And that’s exactly why we pay top dollar for elite tutors who aren’t only highly competent in teaching but are wildly passionate about what they do too.

Because we know nothing kills a student’s interest in Physics faster than a boring or dispassionate tutor.

Next, I’d advise you to have a look at your child’s learning community too.

Are the students studying in that environment happy?

Do they feel like they’re learning something new every other session?

Are the students motivated and energetic when they turn up for lessons? Or are they dull and listless?

Do the students socialise and help each other to do better? Or are they “kia-su” and only “mind their own business”?

These questions would help you determine a winning environment when you’re looking to send him for tuition.


If you aren’t able to check the class in person… I’d recommend you at least browse through the reviews of the centre so that you know how the students feel about the place.

Yup… that’s how in a nutshell, you can check if a tuition centre has a good culture before you enroll your child in it.

If you’re looking for Physics tuition for your child and you aren’t sure of where to go…

Here’s why you should choose us over everybody else:

  • At PMC, we have over 3000 students from some of the best IP schools in Singapore.
  • We cherry pick the best Physics tutors based on competence, experience, and passion so our students get the best teaching experience they can find in the market.
  • We designed our learning environment to be more than just a tuition centre. All our branches are equipped with a well-stocked pantry cum in-house cafe, auditoriums, study rooms, vending machine, and digital library.
  • Having guided over 80% of our students to score an A for their Physics A-Level Examinations, you’ll definitely be in good hands under our care.
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