~Optional J1 Promo Sept Holiday Workshop

J1 Physics, Maths and Chemistry Sept Workshop 2019

In previous years, we include compulsory additional lessons in the Sept Holidays to complete the syllabus so that all students are prepared for the Promo.

This year, we note that some schools are noticeably slower than previous years and may not able to complete the J1 syllabus. Students from those schools will therefore only be tested on selected topics in the Promo.

PMC has replaced all the additional compulsory lessons with optional lessons. We offered options for Physics, Maths and Chemistry.


PMC exercises flexibility so that the students will attend the optional lessons that are tested in the Promo. We trust the students will be responsible and will not skip any of the options which are tested in Promo.


PMC students must register online via pmc.sg/sept for the options if the topic of the option is tested in the Promo.


  • Each option is 3 hours.
  • All options will be conducted at PMC Paya Lebar

Option A | Wave Superposition L1 -Double Slit, Diffraction Grating| 9 Sept (3 hrs)  Mon 9am – 12pm
Option B | Wave Superposition L2 -Stationary Wave | 10 Sept (3 hrs) Tues 9am – 12pm
Option C | SHM, Oscillation Structured Question (Including Forced Oscillation, Resonance) | 11 Sept (3 hrs) Wed 9am – 12pm
Option D | Electric Field Crash Course|10 Sept (3 hrs) | Tues 2pm – 5pm
Option E | Thermodynamics Structured Question | 12 Sept (3 hrs) | Thursday 9am – 12pm
Option F | Integration & Applications | 12 Sept (3 hrs) Thursday 2pm – 5pm
Option G |Vectors |13 Sept (3 hrs) Friday 9am – 12pm
Option H | Chemical Bonding | 9 Sept (3 hrs) Mon 2pm – 5pm
Option I | Chemical Kinetics | 13 Sept (3 hrs) Fri 2pm – 5pm