SEC 3 MATHS TERM 2 NEWSLETTER -MYE Maths Revision Workshop

SEC 3 MATHS TERM 2 NEWSLETTER -MYE Maths Revision Workshop

Dear Sec 3 Maths students and parents,

this is an overview of our Sec 3 Maths Revision MYE Workshop which starts in Term 2 Week 2. Let take a little sneak peek on what goes on in class…

Sec 3 Maths Lesson Materials

1) challenging questions booklet + comprehensive mind map

2) 4-question MCQ buddy quiz (no calculators allowed!)

3) selected mock papers for students to attempt on their own time

Now to give you a little more insights, we’ll take a step back, and look at the motivations behind the lesson structure:


1) X-tensive problem solving sessions

let’s just say that we start by throwing our students off with some mind-boggling questions that they may encounter in their exams. We want our students to discard preconceived notions about the difficulty of their upcoming paper (or for some, the lack thereof?).
Rather, we want them to stay on edge, stay wary of, stay attentive to the problem solving process. Through this, we let our students revise their concepts, and at the same time we teach them how to apply what they have learnt to solve difficult exam questions. They will be surprised by how we can transform a question so seemingly difficult into one that is easily manageable that can be solved using the same mind map they have on hand already. That is just how powerful our mind maps are!
At the end of the 2 hours, they will consolidate and digest everything they have learnt with a test.

2) X-citing Fun Quiz  

To get ready for E-Maths, we will have our 4 Magical MCQ for E Maths. Students are paired up to do 4 MCQ quiz in 3 mins. Yes, MCQ for Maths! Isn’t it great to have options? Just wait till you find out that no calculators are allowed in this quiz! We are  testing concepts not how fast you press your calculators.  

3) X-tra exam papers for self-practice 

With limited time at the centre per week, we need to train students with exam techniques. They know the concepts, they know the tricks, but they still need to practise what they have learnt to conquer the exam! We provide them with quality exam papers to take home to do as mock exams, to test their understanding and concepts.

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