Sec 4 Maths Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 4 Maths MYE Revision

Sec 4 Maths Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 4 Maths MYE Revision


Term 2 is probably one of the most chaotic term in schools as teachers are rushing to finish up the syllabus and throw students into their first major exam in Sec 4, leaving them no time for revision.

Luckily for us, we have finished the required syllabus in week 4 and would be spending a good 2 weeks of revision to get students ready for the MYE. But how are we going to do that?


Here’s how.


1.Revision Mock Papers

After completing Set A, B and C (each set consists both papers 1 and 2), students will have had a good brushing up of their rusty Sec 3 chapters.

2. Topical Mind Map

Students will also be receiving our signature colourful, super summarised mind-map of all the chapters. This is extremely handy when students are doing school revision papers.



S4 Maths MYE workshop

Once students have finished their MYE, we will complete the last chapter on Applications of Integration and thereby completing the entire syllabus!!! If you happen to be one of those who will be having his/her Prelims in late May, no worries as we will be completing the syllabus in time for you as well!

There will be a term break for the Sec 4 students  in week 10 before they come back for an intensive topical revision course in June. Details will be given to students in a separate email. We will be consolidating all the summary and mind maps of every single topic into a booklet.


Written by the Sec 4 Maths Academic Team
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