Sec 3 Physics and Maths MYE Revision 2018

Sec 3 Physics and Maths MYE Revision 2018

Sec 3 Physics and Maths MYE Revision 2018

Attention PMC S3 PHYSICS & MATHS students!

What to expect in the next 4 weeks?

You must be aware that the Sec 3 Mid Year Exams is only 4-5 weeks away! So we thought it’s about time we gave you a little sneak peek on what is going on in class…

And in case you were wondering, here’s an overview of essential lesson materials that our students will receive this week:

Term 2 Week 2 – Week 3 (26 March – 8 April)

  1. You will receive a revision DIY package for Measurement and Kinematics. Please complete the questions at home as a timed test. Shade your answers on the OMR answer sheet which you will be given in class to mimic actual examination condition. Mark your answer against the solutions given at the back of the booklet. The worked solutions will be uploaded to your student portal on the following week.
  2. In class, the tutor will go through the Kinematics and Dynamics (structured questions) and you can complete the MCQ questions at home with the OMR answer sheet. The worked solutions will be uploaded to your student portal.

Term 2 Week 4 – Week 5 (8 – 15 April)

  1. There will be a 30 minutes The Physics Cafe MYE Mock Exam in week 4 (16 – 22 April). All students must prepare for the test. Your answer sheet will be collected by the tutor for marking and your score will be published and converted to points (which is cash). The details will be explained in class.
  2. Students who did not do reasonably well for the test will see the tutor for consultation. Parents will receive an update of your results via email. Don’t say we didn’t warn you 😛

Are you attending both Physics and Maths classes in the café?

 Sec 3 Maths revision will commence next week. There will be a Term Test in week 4 – 5. For existing students who are keen to sign up for Physics or Maths classes, do register your interest in the student portal. Registration fee will be waived.

For Parents:

Your child will be receiving a lot of materials coupled with complete worked solutions during this period. Kindly assist to encourage them to complete the home assignments. They can approach the tutor before or after their weekly lessons if they need help.

Tutor Comments:

Finally, everyone seems to be finally aware that the mid year exam is near. (If you aren’t, that’s worrying isn’t it?) School life isn’t all fun and games -a bit of stress now is definitely good to pace the student in the sec 3 academic year. Many will soon realise that while they can easily score well in small tests especially after covering a particular topic, it’s not easy to score well in big exams that integrate more than one topic. The question banks in the booklets aim to prepare students for their exams, and we believe that solving questions is as important, if not more than merely going through notes. The mock paper before the actual exam is important and is usually provides good feedback on whether the student has invested enough time in the MYE preparation. As always, the results you get in the exams should not be a surprise to you. It’s usually an accurate measure of what you understand and what you remember at that point of time. With that, we wish you all the best in your preparation and examinations!

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