Sec 2 Maths Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 2 Maths MYE Revision

Sec 2 Maths Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 2 Maths MYE Revision

Dear Sec 2 Math students and parents,

here is an update on our students’ learning this term.


To prepare students for MYE we have completed:

1) Algebra Revision Booklet

Algebra topics (Expansion and Factorisation, Algebraic Expression, Algebraic Fraction, Solving Equation, Simultaneous Equation, Quadratic Formula, Changing Subject) will be the bulk of the questions tested. These topics have been explained to students in the simplest possible way in the booklet. Here, students have plenty of math help while learning algebra step by step.

2) Mock Exam Papers

After completing Set A , B and 2 mock papers  (each set consists of both paper 1 and 2), students will have a good idea of their math competency. The Sec 1 revision guide booklet is also given to help students brush up on their rusty sec 1 topics (those that are tested).



To study math, we actually need to solve problems and the more you practice, the better you’ll do. But the exam is just round the corner and there is not much time left! What can be done in the last few minutes?

Here are some tips for your exam day.

1. Memorize the steps given in Algebra Booklets well.


2. Sleep early the day before. Good sleep will help you perform better during the exam. Wake up early so that you do not need to rush through breakfast and getting ready.


3. Check that you have everything that you will need, especially your calculator.


4. Have a piece of dark chocolate if you feel nervous before the exam. It will help you to clam down.


5. Read the entire question carefully before starting to answer and quickly plan how much time you should allocate for each question. If you are struck on a question,  move on and come back to it later. If not, you might run out of time to answer the other questions and lose those extra marks.


6. Use every minute of the exam and if you have time left, review your answer with the help of a calculator ( especially important for those of you who always make careless mistakes).



After the MYE is finished, we will be moving on with coordinate geometry and quadratic curves. There will be a one week post-exam break before we start our term 3. We target to finish all the topics by term 3 so that we have ample time to revise for year end exams.

Written by the Sec 2 Maths Academic Team
Vetted by Mr Dave Sim, Head of Academic
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