Sec 1 Math Term 2 Newsletter -MYE Math Revision

Sec 1 Math Term 2 Newsletter -MYE Math Revision

Its Mid Year Exams season, and I hope everyone is doing fine with their first big exam of Year 1. Maintain the high standards you’ve shown in class and secure top scores!

Closing off the term, as exams pass, we’ll be focusing on new topics like number patterns and geometry. It is a good opportunity to ‘enjoy’ these topics without exams looming, and we can prepare more special quizzes and unique question types.

Full speed ahead

Through June, we can begin to rev our engines and look towards the 2nd half of the year where the real work will kick in. The June programme involves the firming up of critical algebraic fundamentals as well as a headstart in further algebra. Complementing the current practical approach to math, we will be looking at simple graphs and their applications, as well as a full lesson dedicated to application based questions.
Work hard, then play hard, but don’t forget to keep the momentum going!
Written by Sec 1 Math Academic Team
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