[S4] Term 1 Week 6 (10-16 Feb) Updates/ Debrief

[S4 Physics PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours:

Last lesson, we started on the fundamentals of Current of Electricity where we went into detail the concepts of Current, Voltage and Resistance. By now, most of you will be familiar with these quantities and how to calculate them. We also learnt how to determine the effective resistance of a circuit, how to see if resistors are in series or parallel and the calculations behind them. We trust that the shortcuts we taught you will be very useful in tests and exams. 


So, get ready for a short quiz next week with all the skills which we have imparted to you! 


What you take home:

Attached below is the virtual circuit construction kit which we showed in class. Feel free to play around with it and form your own circuits! You can even try connecting everyday objects like coins and pencils to see what happens. Enjoy! 


Special Mention:

After the quiz next week, we will be diving deep into Ohm’s Law and learning how to find resistance of a conductor by just knowing its dimensions. Stay with us as we continue our electrifying journey in the “Volts”wagen! 

[S4 Maths PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we dipped into a new section on application of differentiation – Maxima and Minima.

We learn that differentiation can help us solve many types of real-world problem. We use the derivative to determine the maximum and minimum values of a particular function (e.g. cost, volume, surface area, rate etc)

Did a 25min Test to assess your problem-solving skill and understanding of the chapter.


What you take home:

  1. Please do the Take Home Questions on Maxima and Minima pg 106 – 107. Click the links below for the worked solutions:

 Special Mention:

Congratulations to the students who score full marks on Maxima and Minima TEST


  • Yap Jing Yee, CHIJ ST. Nicholas
  • Clement Chen Jing Heng, Catholic High
  • Shaness Toh En Xi, SCGS
  • Jervis Lim, AMKSS
  • Isaac Woo, Catholic High
  • Genevieve Lui, Crescent Girls’
  • Kistina Qautsar, SCGS
  • Irduna Amani, CGSS
  • Kenaz Goh Zhan Yi, SHSS
  • Christoper Zheng Wei Tian, Victoria School
  • Lim Jia Ying Cheryl, Evergreen Secondary


Test scores have been uploaded to your student portal.  There will be a CA 1 test on the next lesson. Do get ready for it!

[S4 Chemistry PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours:

We completed our chapter on Electrolysis with a series of application questions and a quick-fire quiz. We also acquired tips and tricks to solve questions involving electrolytic and simple cells quicker and more efficiently.


What you take home:

We will begin our Topic Mastery Quiz involving a series of individual and team challenges on Speed of Reaction, Energy Changes and Electrolysis. These topics have been packaged into Practical style questions to help you acquire essential lab skills of processing and analysing data.


Special Mention:

Congratulations to the top 3 scorers in the Electrolysis Quick Fire Quiz.


1st – Sanjjeev Ganesan from SGSS

2nd – Chua Boon Bing from RI

3rd – Summer Tan from NCHS


Keep up the good work!

Trivia: Did you know that a battery is a dry cell (simple cell) made up of zinc and carbon electrodes? 


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