[S4] Lesson 31 (Mechanical Wave + EM Wave Revision + Trigo Graphs + Electrolysis EOY L1)

[S4 Physics PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

On 1st and 2nd Aug, the S4 PH has come together to complete the following:


1) Secret Enclosed – Waves and EM Waves

2) The Final Lap – Waves and EM Waves

Three things to remember

  1. How to interpret a displacement-time and displacement-position graphs.
  2. How to define transverse and longitudinal waves.
  3. Speed of waves decreases with decreasing depth. 


What you take home:

In this coming week (Aug 8 and 9), we will begin our revision on Light I – Reflection and Refraction.

Special Mention:

Should you need assistance in your daily practices in Physics, do send your attempted workings and questions to 9100 1235. We will strive to clarify your doubts. 


From the S4PH Team

(Mr Shane, Dr Li and Mr Gary)

[S4 Maths PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

We continued on Trigonometry Revision this week.  

We practised on graphing various trigonometric functions and how to interpret those graphs in real-life context. We also recapped how to construct trigonometric functions from their graphs or other features given. We ended off the tutorial with a short test. Thumb up for everyone who had done well!


What you take home:

The Last Lap – Take Away Questions

Solution for Q2, Q3


 Special Mention:

Finally we are done with Trigonometry Revision. Next lesson we will kick start our Differentiation Revision with BOOK 4. If you have not collected the book, you may attend the lesson onsite this week to collect the book at the same time. See you either in zoom or onsite!

Your Friendly Maths Tutors

[S4 Chemistry PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

We have kickstarted our revision on Electrolysis focusing on the big idea on locating the electron source and flow of electrons. We also applied efficient shortcuts with our understanding of the reactivity series of metals in the preferential discharge of cations (i.e. metal will never be discharged from salt solutions containing metal cations above hydrogen!)


What you take home:

You are now able to complete the Take Home Package till Pg 6.

Special Mention:

We will be continuing our revision on electrolysis with reactive electrodes as well as simple cells! Here’s a quick video on the application of reactive electrodes in electroplating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnJ0V7B7nKo


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Take note:

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