[S4] Lesson 19 (11 -17 May) Updates/ Debrief

[S4 Physics PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

Over the weekends (May 9th and 10th), the S4PH cohort has completed the Electromagnetism Live Tutorial Session 1. The application of the Fleming’s Left Hand Rule (i.e.: FBI) was initially challenging to many but by the end of the Test B discussion, the tutors were pleased to see many happy and satisfied faces. The entire learning atmosphere in the various Zoom sessions was very positive and many students raised many thought-provoking questions to enhance the existing knowledge. Let’s work hard to maintain this positive learning environment!! 


The Live Tutorial ended with many teams answering the 4Q correctly and a fruitful conclusion to our usual Kahoot Quiz on Electromagnetism. 


On the 12th May, the S4PH cohort once again gathered in the Zoom Live for the Additional Lesson 1 from 10 am till 3 pm. Over at the PMC, the tutors and our student councilor were heartened to see excellent attendance in both the Morning and Afternoon Sessions. It was really heartening and enjoyable sessions for the tutors and definitely you guys deserved a great pat on your back. 


In the Morning Session, we were focusing on the Chapter 5 of the Secret Enclosed where we discussed on two important concepts: (1) R and T equilibrium, (2) Centre of Gravity and Stability, with many in-depth applications. The Morning Session ended with the 8Q challenge and the tutors were delighted to see that many teams were discussing actively in their own breakout rooms. In the Afternoon Session, we shifted our focus to Chapter 7 of the Secret Enclosed where Principle of Conservation of Energy was the main highlight of the lesson. The tutors saw many engaging discussions in our Zoom Group Chat.


What you take home:

For this coming weekend (16th and 17th May), we will be still focusing on Electromagnetism 2, where we will be playing games to test our concepts (i.e.: the Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, Maxwell’s Right Hand Grip Rule and application to DC motor). Many points are waiting for you to claim through our games so do remember to watch the Electromagnetism Lesson 2 via the Teachable Website before the tutorial. 

Special Mention:

The S4PH Additional Lesson 2 will be taking place on the 18th May 2020 (i.e.: Next Monday 10 am to 3 pm). The tutors will be shifting the focus to the  Pressure in the Morning Session and Kinetic Particle Theory in the Afternoon Session. We highly encouraged your attendance as we will be completing two more chapters in the Secret Enclosed (sounds like some Pokemon that you got to catch them all, eh?).

Continue to stay safe and, of course, stay awesome!!

Always with You,

The S4PH Tutors (Mr Wong, Dr Li and Mr Gary)

[S4 Maths PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

During this week live tutorials, we learn how to use our knowledge of the definite integral to find the areas of regions enclosed by curves and lines. We know that area must be positive and therefore need to either apply modulus or add negative sign to any area that is under the x-axis. All of you are then engaged in our breakout room challenges. Congrats to the teams who won!


What you take home:

Please do the Take Away Questions on pg 188-192.


For the worked solution for Additional Lesson 1:


 Special Mention:

Please note that there will be no webcast as we will be doing live lecture on kinematic coming week. See you this weekend. Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe!

[S4 Chemistry PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

We have completed our revision on Experimental Techniques & Kinetic Particle Theory. I’m glad to see most of you getting off to a good start, applying important concepts and acquiring important exam techniques well! We also kickstarted our learning on the atomic structure and how the idea on atom neutrality and the imbalance of charged particles give rise to ions.


Recap: Only protons allow us to identify elements, looking at the difference in number of protons and electrons allow us to identify charges on ions and vice versa!


What you take home:

Do take the holiday time to revise ahead and revisit memory intensive topics such as the solubility table, acids & bases and salts. This will benefit your learning as you apply these knowledge to data-based and application questions during our lessons! You should also attempt the Take Home Gems on Atomic Structure.

Special Mention:

Here’s a infographic on the history of the atom and the atomic model. If you have not realised, we are learning the Bohr’s model for Atoms. Contrast the difference between Bohr’s model and the Plum Pudding!


See you for lessons!

Home-Based Learning (HBL)

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2) One Weekly PMC LIVE Tutorial (www.pmc.sg/live)

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