[S3] Term 2 Week 4 (13-19 Apr) Updates/Debrief

[S3 Physics PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours (PMC LIVE):

We have completed discussing the concepts of Centre of Gravity and Stability, with a clear understanding of the meaning of equilibrium and how the line of action of W restores/topples the object. It was very heartening for the tutors to see your enthusiasm and active participation during the discussion of the Structured Challenge. 


We ended off our LIVE tutorial by (I) breaking into different rooms to compete and complete the usual 4Q team challenge, and (II) the kahoot quiz.


Before the respective LIVE tutorial sessions begin this coming weekend (25th and 26th April), we would like to invite all of you to complete the online webcast lecture on MYE Revision L1. 


What we received:

Many of you might be puzzled why we would choose to do the Measurement and Kinematics Revision. Based what we have tabulated from the past year S3 tests, examinations and the National Examinations, we observed that the percentage to Measurement is on a rise and the complexity of questioning related to Kinematics is increasing. Oh, but this does not mean the questions are difficult, it is just that we need to be clear on the steps to solving. 


Hence, before we stack more knowledge on other topics (which actually need basis of kinematics), a recap on the procedures is essential.

Special Mention:

Though we may not have our usual face-to-face sessions where you could stay back to ask your tutor questions, we are always here giving full support to your learning in Physics. So, if you have any question(s) to ask, feel free to send them to 9100 1235(PMC HQ). 


Meanwhile, stay safe, stay home and, of course, stay awesome!!!


Always with you for your Physics Learning,

The S3PH team (Mr Wong, Dr Li and Mr Gary)

[S3 Maths PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours (PMC LIVE):

During the two LIVE tutorial sessions, we have completed the chapter on Logarithmic Functions and have fun with our engaging chat challenge and 4Q Quiz! Congratulations to all the winners who had won PMC points!

To sum up what we have learnt:


Logarithmic Functions

  • Converting index formto logarithmic form and vice versa
  • Laws of logarithms

o   Product/Quotient property

o   Power property

o   Changing of base

What You Received:

Please click this link for the below Question/Solutions

  • Solutions to Page 36/37 of the Booklet (Book 2-Logarithms)
  • Solutions to Expo & Log Test B
  • Solutions to Expo & Log Test C
  • Solutions to Takeaway Questions (Logarithms)
  • More practice, Questions/Solutions to Daily Dose (Logarithms)

Special Mention:

In the next chapter, we are back to Coordinate Geometry. We will recap what we have learnt earlier on gradient and equation of straight lines, then proceed on to learn additional important concepts required for this chapter. There are total of 5 concepts in this chapter.


Please watch the next lecture on Coordinate Geometry Lesson 1 and Lesson 2. We will upload the first part of Chat Challenge (Coordinate Geometry) to teachable soon. Please download and get it printed before attending the next LIVE. It is also recommended that you reserve these questions to be done together during LIVE.

[S3 Chemistry PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours (PMC LIVE):

We have completed our learning on the preparation of salts. We also mastered an efficient thought process that allows us to prepare any salt that can be given to us.

A quick recap:

Group I/ammonium: Titration

Other soluble salts: Excess insoluble reagents

Insoluble salts: Precipitation


What you received:

You are ready to complete all questions in the Take Home Gem. Do get ready for a Quick Fire quiz this coming week!


Special Mention:

Did you know that a reaction we have learnt in the past (See Acids & Bases Pg 19 – Alkali + Metal Salt) is also a precipitation reaction? 

Here is a video on the reaction of copper(II) sulfate (metal salt) and sodium hydroxide (alkali): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo3K6zALi_A

Try rewriting the chemical equation with state symbols and you’ll be able to classify it accordingly!


Stay healthy, stay safe, see you this weekend!



Mr Jacob

Home-Based-Learning (HBL)

1) One weekly PMC Lecture webcast (www.pmc.sg/lecture)
2) One weekly PMC LIVE tutorial (www.pmc.sg/live)

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