[S1] LESSON 26 : Maths MYE Revision Part 3 Updates/Debrief

[S1 Maths + Science PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours:

Results for Revision Test C are released in your student portal. The main focus  of the test is on:

1/ Approximation and Estimation 

2/ Real Numbers

3/ Prime Factorisation 


Generally, students are confident in attempting questions from these chapters. However, students from schools which do not allow calculators are reminded to watch their time during their tests. 


Congratulations to the top scorers of the cohort:

Chong Wen Hao  (ACSI) – 20/20 + 2 points for Bonus Question  

Ethan Ng Wen Kai  (RI) – 20/20 + 2 points for Bonus Question  

Jerry Chew (RI) – 20/20 + 2 points for Bonus Question

Teo Jia Kai Nigel  (RI) – 20/20 + 2 points for Bonus Question


To end off our revision for Semester 1, we had our Algebra Chat Challenge. 


Special Mention:

We will be doing Number Patterns for this coming lesson, using your Math Textbook. Students can choose to attend lessons ONSITE or ONLINE from this week onwards. See you there (onsite or online)! :p 



Your friendly tutors,

The S1MA+SCI Team

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