Yao Hua

Yao Hua

Mr Sim is respectable, responsible and enthusiastic physics teacher. He teaches us with extreme patience and this can be reflected when he explains to us the physics concept again and again until all of us understand. While repeating the concept, he never makes me bored as he explains it in different ways and sometimes teaches us through games. He really enjoys teaching, not only regards it as a job. He tries his best to prepare us for all the exams and tests and but never fails to encourage us even when we do not do well. No matter what kind of students we, most of us are moved and motivated by his passion for physics and teaching.

In facilitating our understanding, he prepares overviews which summarize all the key physics concepts for us. This is actually very useful for us in preparing for the exams. It is concise and whole-rounded. By learning by the key concepts, it is easier for us to remember all the important things.

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