Spencer Teo

Spencer Teo

Hi Mr Sim, I am definitely very happy to have done well for my physics paper. My experience in coping with the subject was never easy. To be honest, I began with a shaky start. I felt very lost when school first started. I was so weak in my foundation that I couldn’t even properly grasp the physics concepts that were supposed to have been learnt in secondary school. My enrolment in The Physics Cafe gave me the opportunity to learn to overcome these obstacles. The Physics Cafe charted a course that was easy to follow and gave me confidence to keep trying despite making little or no headway along the journey. Mr Sim was a very encouraging teacher who inspired me to keep the faith and carry on working hard despite failures. The clear focus on problem solving techniques made seemingly arduous questions much more manageable. The concise notes made revision of materials a breeze. I might have been consistently doing worse than my peers in tests and exams, but I never felt inferior because the lessons at the Physics Cafe always gave me the confidence that I was on the right track and that I would succeed if I kept trying. It was a tough journey, but nonetheless, a learning experience that was worth the hardship. In the end, I got the only A that I had ever gotten in JC for physics. I will recommend my friends who are having a hard time with physics to try the Physics Cafe. Though the journey may be tough in JC, it will definitely be an eye opening and enriching experience.

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