Spencer Teo

Spencer Teo

Hi Mr Sim, before I joined The Physics Cafe, I was very reluctant to take up tuition at JC level because of some bad experiences in secondary school. The lessons were not properly structured and it was difficult to learn. Coming to The Physics Cafe, however, has changed my perception entirely. Detailed explanations in class, coupled with concise notes and clear emphasis on problem solving techniques were very helpful in grasping concepts quickly. The lessons were engaging and well paced, which helped to build up my confidence in the subject. The tutor, Mr Sim, was also willing to spend extra time outside lesson to help clarify my doubts. My journey with the Physics Cafe ends with the commencement of the A levels. Though the preparation was demanding and tiring, it was nonetheless an enjoyable and enriching journey. I am thankful to have Mr Sim walk this journey with me, and for his constant encouragement that helped me pull through the tough times. Thank you for your help Mr Sim!

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