Pak Jun Wei

Pak Jun Wei

The Physics Cafe is really helpful in splitting each topic into parts and what are the different types of questions that will come out which makes us confident going into the exams. Having a guide to answer questions also has us stay calm when we see tougher questions.

I also saved a lot of time in The Physics Cafe as difficult concepts that will take me hours to understand by myself can be explain within minutes with simple ideas here.

In The Physics Cafe, just being there gives you a strange motivation to do well among people of other JCs especially the better ones. You are also trained to think quickly to answer the question until equations start popping out in your head within seconds.

My peers here in The Physics Cafe are way more serious in lessons and are confident in themselves with is nice to see as compared to in CJC where people are really laid back.

The JC2 cohort will definitely do as well or even better than the previous year.

I will recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as everything is made simple even the most difficult concepts which really help.

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