Mrs Tan Lay Lay(Mum’s of Moses Tan Jing Yuan)

Mrs Tan Lay Lay(Mum’s of Moses Tan Jing Yuan)

Dear Mr Sim, I am mummy of Moses Tan Jing Yuan,of Physics Class,C2.He is from HCJC. Moses will be taking his final paper for his A levels today – Physics 2-315pm. I want to thank you for your precious time you spent with Moses sometime back when he started to have Tinnitus. Your session with him certainly boosted his confidence and he began to believe in himself. He was very thankful for your advices and encouraging words.Thank you very much. Moses would have his huge obstacles and struggles if not,for your belief in him,your kind words to which he held on and not to mention your very effective teaching tools in imparting your knowledge to him. He has always enjoyed being your student.For him,it was a last minute race against time to better himself. Thank you,Mr Sim,for holding Moses’ hands and journeyed with him. We thank you with a grateful heart.

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