Ma Shenglin

Ma Shenglin

My experience in the Physics Café has been really pleasant as I learnt to understand Physics concepts much better and efficiently. The notes designed by the Physics Café are very suitable as they are concise and contain the most important concepts in every chapter. It is also very skill focused, which benefitted me tremendously in terms of answering questions. Before I attended The Physics Café, I was struggling to extract out main concepts in every chapter and to understand the concepts taught as the notes provided by my school has too much unimportant and distracting information. Even after spending a lot of time understanding my school notes and concepts, I was still troubled by the application of concepts in exams. After joining The Physics Cafe, I find that I can do my paper much better. More importantly, I am very glad that I have started to build up confidence in Physics. Mr Dave’s lessons are very interesting and exam-focused. The students in The Physics Café are very capable and their capabilities really motivate me to work harder. I want to be as good as some of them. Generally, from my observation, this cohort can do really well in the A level’s. I will also work as hard as I can to make sure that I eventually reach my target in spite of the ups and downs in my performance during school exams throughout these two years.

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