Lua Ser Ning

Lua Ser Ning

When I was in J1, I struggled a lot with Physics. Despite my efforts, I always scored an “U” grade. During the December Holidays, I decided to join The Physics Cafe and the lessons helped me to build up my foundation and prepare for the new year. With the concise mind maps and Mr Sim’s effective teaching, I could see significant improvements in my results. I wish I joined The Physics Cafe earlier, so I did not have to struggle so much in J1. I now enjoy Physics and it is no longer a chore to me. I look forward to lessons at The Physics Cafe because they are very informative, and I can learn much more compared to a week of lessons in school. Mr Sim is humorous and patient. After lessons, he will always stay back to clarify our doubts. The Physics Cafe is truly a cafe – not only one which feeds us with yummy snacks and iced milo, but also feeds us with the essential knowledge to satisfy our hunger and thirst to do well in school.

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