Li Jia Ning

Li Jia Ning

It’s definitely more time saving to learn from lessons in The Physics Cafe as self study has not been helpful for me. The lessons here helped me understand much better than I would on my own. I think the difference between me before lessons here and right now is that when I look at a question, I know methods to solve it and have the concepts in my mind. In the past, I am always unsure and guessed equations to use. The lessons here are much more focused and easy to understand than school lectures and tutorials. I think the cohort this year will do well. I know that I didn’t really fare well for my prelims, but I really saw improvements in my overall understanding. I am no longer afraid of physics as a subject and I know that i have a chance to achieve my A in A levels(which I must!). I will recommend it to my friends because I could not imagine a better tuition for physics The Physics Cafe.

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