Jeremy Tan

Jeremy Tan

The Physics Cafe has been very beneficial to me throughout the past two years. I learnt the basic exam techniques and methods to score well, which my school lecturers do not go into much detail. Although I live far away from the tuition centre, I believe it is still worthwhile to travel here as I am able to revise whatever I have learnt before within 2 hours, whereas I may take longer at home as I’m easily distracted. Lessons at The Physics Cafe are aimed at drilling key concepts into students via intensive practice. I feel this is very suited to my learning style as I need more practice to score well. The occasional homework, although dreary to do, is actually very helpful as I get to revise whatever I have learnt in 10 or so questions, especially before a test. On the whole, I would recommend The Physics Cafe to anyone who is looking to score an A in Physics.

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