Gracia Goh

Gracia Goh

I started going to PMC because I did not perform well in my J1 Promos and was really worried that I had made the wrong decision in my subject choice. Hence, I decided to take up tuition to strengthen my foundation before moving onto JC2. Through the lessons at PMC, I was able to understand topics at a more in-depth level and Mr Sim would go through and break down the question types for each topic that make it less overwhelming. Slowly, I began to grasp concepts that I had not been able to previously. As my understanding improved, so did my grades. The learning environment in PMC is friendly and encouraging and we are provided with many facilities such as free drinks and the option for digital lessons to make us feel as comfortable as possible. Thank you, Mr Sim, for making Physics more enjoyable with your jokes in lessons and understandable with your concise yet accurate explanations.

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