Hi Sir,

It has been such a great joy having you as a physics tutor. I can frankly say, I have never had as much fun in class as I had during physics. All your jokes (whether they were funny or not :P) just made the class atmosphere so much more relaxed and every lesson was such a joy to be a part of. Your whole teaching style and ability to interact with and reach out to us students is just phenomenal, and you have taught us how fun and extremely enjoyable studying may be. Your templates and approaches have also made studying physics so much easier for us, and you have taught us how it is not too difficult to understand this subject after all. The great amount of time you have put into creating notes for us students and helping us in every way possible has been so heart warming to see, and I am sure everyone will agree with me in thanking you for all your effort and be eternally grateful to you. There are only a few teachers who create such an impact with their extreme passion to teach and their great concern for their students’ well being. You are definitely one of them. Your tolerance in aiding those who were not able to catch the concepts so fast, and your ability to make the class more enjoyable yet maintain the learning environment is something I will never forget, and will most certainly try to learn. And once again, thank you very much for being such a passionate, student-concerned, thoughtful, and just absolutely great teacher. =) enjoy your holss!

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