PMC Points Redemption

PMC Points Redemption

The Physics & Maths Cafe Points Redemption


What are the perks of being a PMC student?

Beside from having tasty lessons seasoned with summarised notes and efficient exam strategies. 

Here are some of our other interesting deals!




Win our weekly class challenge or refer your friends to the café with your unique referral code.



You can easily get points by participating in the quiz during your lesson or even when you spot a mistake from the screen!



Redeem when you are ready.

1 pt

Tidbits at our Cafe

2 pts

Signature Popcorn Chicken

Seaweed Chicken

Throw a dice to win $10 cash.

5 pts

$5 popular voucher

PMC Black Box

Take a quiz to earn up to $50 cash.

60 pts

Trade in for $100 Cash


In case you are wondering ..

Why are there no drinks included in the points redemption list?

Simply because, The Physics Cafe offer them for free!! 🙂


Come and join us!

Sign up now at www.pmc.sg 




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