PMC celebrates Friendship Week!

PMC celebrates Friendship Week!

You’re in the comforts of a dark air-conditioned room munching on snacks, with a few close friends and many others your age. All eyes fixated on the screen in front.

Just another movie date out? Guess again.

You listen intently for the next important bit – and you’re now furiously copying down the colourful circuit diagram shown on the screen that will aid you in solving the question on your worksheet, laid out on the desk in front of you.

Classroom tutorial? School Lecture? Nice try.

How about all of the above – combined?

Movie Classroom Experience

It wasn’t too long ago that many JC2 students gained access to this exclusive, first of its kind event – a COE-DC Movie Marathon, right in the premises of The Physics and Maths Cafe (PMC) @ Toa Payoh.

The COE-DC Movie Marathon, a series of video lessons, aimed to prepare students for their upcoming J2 March Common Tests. It was one that showcased the concise overview of two big, infamous topics:

1) Current of Electricity and

2) Direct current

Effective and Efficient Learning

Those who signed up merely looking for brief introductory lessons on the topics got themselves a pretty good bargain. Contrary to their belief, the video lessons go one step above, and expose students to a variety of questions, at different levels of difficulty. But what the lesson does best, is to provide students with effective and efficient ways to tackle these problems related to this troublesome topic.

This exclusive event was in fact the highlight of an overarching one – PMC Experience Week (13th to 19th March), where students from PMC can bring a friend from outside of the enrollment list to attend classes together with. This is also in conjunction with Friendship Day widely celebrated in school. To make the experience more immersive and comfortable for students and their friends, complimentary snacks and drinks were provided!

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