1. [ Sec 1 Maths + Science ] We will be covering both Maths and Science in the weekly lessons.
  2. [ Sec 2 Science ] We will be covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the weekly lessons.
  3. [ Upper Sec Maths Classes ] Students must be in IP or express stream and must be taking A. Maths since both E.Maths and A.Maths will be covered.
  4. [ IP Sec Students ] There may be arrangement for the students to attend some J1 classes which are relevant at no extra charges.
  5. [ Online Registration ] Register online 24 hours before the first lesson.
  6. [ Live Make-up and Digital lessons ] You can request to attend make-up lessons in any of the centres. You may choose to attend the digital recording of the lesson that they missed.
  7. [ Back to back lessons ] Our Physics and Maths classes of the same level are arranged back to back with a 30 mins break.
  8. [ Tuition fee ] Please refer to PMC Fee Policy below or WhatsApp to find out the rate if you sign up now.
  9. [ Trial Lesson ] Most students and parents are recommended by friends and relatives. If you are not, you may register for the alacarte (ad-hoc) lesson to remove some of the inherent risk of trying something new. Refer to the ala carte fee and sign up procedure in https://pmc.sg/trial/.
  10. [ PMC Scholarship ] You may whatsapp to find out more on the application procedure.
  11. [ Sold Out Classes ] Classes with “sold out” are strictly not available for make-up, trial or sign-up.


  1. The school fee quoted will be based on 4 weekly lessons of 2 hours and will be subjected to GST.
  2. School Fee will be collected on a termly basis (usually 10 weeks).
  3. The school fee is updated daily by our automated system based on the number of vacancies remaining in that level and subject on that day.
  4. You may whatsapp to the HQ to enquire the exact fee based on the real time computation.
  5. Please note that the fee is dynamic and will be adjusted as the seats are gradually taken up.
  6. Fees for students will be maintained at the entry level throughout the duration of his journey with PMC. Once the student is enrolled in the school, the fee will not change within the whole duration of Sec 1 to JC 2. Example, if a student join in Sec 1 and is paying a rate of $400 for 4 lessons, he will be paying the same amount in JC 2, as long as he continues his learning journey with us. 
  7. All registrations must be strictly done online through the online reservation, and the fee will be based on the date of successful registration.


  1. You can sign up for one lesson to attend the same class as the regular students. However the school fee for Physics and Maths Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson will be higher than the fee of the weekly regular lesson.
  2. The Ala Carte (Ad-hoc) lessons are suitable for the following students: Students taking H1 instead of H2, students taking IB instead of A level and most importantly students who want to have a taste of our lesson before joining the weekly classes.
  3. You do not have to pay any registration fee or deposit for Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson.
  4. The fee quoted above is nett and all inclusive. You can submit payment before the lesson.
  5. You will be attending the same full lesson as the regular students attending the weekly lessons.
  6. You may register online for  the weekly lessons if you are interested.
  7. The fee for the regular lessons will be determined real time on the date of successful online registration and is independant on the trial lesson.
  8. There will be no commitment to join weekly regular lessons after the Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson.
  9. There will be no refund for the Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson even if you decided to join the regular weekly class thereafter.
  10. Students are not allowed to sign up for Ala Carte lesson for sold out classes.