The Physics Cafe Movie Marathon 2018

Reserve a Seat for the Movie Marathon pmc.sg/movie

This annual event is organised to help students get ready for the first JC2 common test (usually after the march holiday). Existing students and non-existing students are welcome to attend.

You will be watching a video recording of 2017 Live lesson. This is a special, unique digital experience where you can see the tutor, the projector screen, the white board, the students in the classroom and even hear the interaction between them. You will be solving lots of questions together with your peers attending the movie marathon. At the end of the video, you will know everything you need to know for the topic. It will be the most efficient way to get ready for the common test.

What are the movie available for booking?

  • Thermal Physics Crash Course Lesson 1 (2 hours) on 6 Mar 7-9pm (Term 1 Week 10, Tue)
  • Thermal Physics Crash Course Lesson 2 (3 hours) on 9 Mar 6-9pm (Term 1 Week 10, Fri)
  • Electric Field Crash Course (3 hours) on 12 Mar 3-6pm (March Holiday, Mon)


Where will the movie marathon be held?

The movie will be held at The Physics Cafe flagship store @ Singpost Centre beside Paya Lebar MRT.


How much do I have to pay to watch the movie marathon?

There will be a $10 admin fee per video. We will waive off the regular fee of $50 for this movie marathon. Regular fee of $50 will still be applicable for all other digital lessons.


What if I cannot make it for the scheduled movie marathon?

You may register separately to watch the digital lesson at your preferred timing and outlet at https://pmc.sg/digital/.  Regular fee of $50 will be applicable.


What are the seats available?

Auditorium Seating Plan

How do I buy a ticket for the movie marathon?

You can buy your ticket here at pmc.sg/movie! There is an admin fee of $10. The fee for the digital lesson is waived for this movie marathon only.


  • Choose your movie.
  • Choose your seat.
  • Pay $10 admin fee to reserve your seat.
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