In PMC, the students and tutors are passionate in what they do. They put aside 2 hours to come together once a week and they are enjoying every minute of it. The efficient lessons stretch time and the student community and culture motivate everyone. I see PMC as a one-stop station where everything is planned for PMCians.


To some of you, the most important aspect of PMC experience may be the structured lessons and materials, designed in a way where 80% of the content trains the problem-solving skillset of the students and only 20% on the concepts.


Today I want to let you know about a 2nd type of training that can potentially be just as good as the weekly live lessons. The PMC Digital Annual Membership is suitable for students who want a free and easy approch to learning. You get to choose where and when you would like to come down to PMC to watch the video recording of the topic that you want. COMPLETE FREEDOM OF CHOICE.



Membership expires on 30th November of each year. Let us know the option that you prefer. Make payment via paynow to 91001235, Send us the print screen to show proof of payment, include student full name, school, email and address. There will be no pro-rate for the annual membership fee if you join in the middle of the year.


$2400 per subject

$3700 per subject


[Option A] Home Delivery
All materials and videos of the weekly lessons will be sent to the student’s mailing address by post. The post (2 weekly lessons) will be sent every 2 weeks. The students will be watching the latest 2020 digital lesson which is the recording of the live lesson. If you join in the middle of the year, all the notes and videos before the registration date will be given to you by hand in our outlets. Subsequent lessons will be delivered by post. This option does not allow the student to choose specific video from our catalog of our video lessons from 2018 and 2019.


[Option B] Watch in the Cafe
All registrations for option B, before 1 April 2020 will be able to enjoy 20% of the regular rate above.
1) Come down to PMC Beauty world, PMC Paya Lebar or PMC Novena outlets during opening hours. We are open on the weekends from 9am to 7pm too! The study room will be open to you for self study or to watch digital lessons.
2) You can self-study with complimentary pantry including ice Milo and signature hot chocolate at selected outlets.
3) You can enjoy a buffet selection of video lessons from our digital menu. All lessons from 2018, 2019 and the most recent lessons in 2020 are available for digital viewing. Watch any topic that you want. Watch as many as you wish. You can choose to watch 2-3 lessons every time you are here! All notes, material, laptops or Ipad will be provided.
4) The 2020 digital lessons will be available immediately the week after the live lessons.
5) Choose to bring home up to maximum of 4 digital lessons and materials in a year to watch at home outside the PMC opening hours.