JC 2 Maths (A-level) Tuition Lesson

Vector: The Ratio Theorem

The ratio theorem is useful for finding the coordinates of a point that divides a line into a certain ratio. In this video lesson, our JC2 Math PMC tutor details a systematic approach to the question.

Probability of Distribution Two Fair Dice Problem

A probability distribution is a mathematical function that provides the probabilities of occurrence of different possible outcomes in an experiment. In this lesson, our JC2 Math PMC tutor gives a run-through of how this question should be attempted.

Function Graph Example Problem

In this video, our JC2 Math PMC tutor illustrates how to sketch a function graph and the relevant workings to solve the question.

Techniques Of Curve Sketching

Our JC2 Math PMC tutor shares the techniques to accurately sketch a curve. This lesson would serve as a refresher to the students as they recap their different graphs and work out how to solve for asymptotes.

Using Mode To Find Probability

Mode in math is the number which appears most often in a set of numbers and probability is the likelihood or chance of an event occurring. In this lesson, our JC2 Math PMC tutor demonstrates how to find probability through the use of mode.

P-Value Hypothesis Testing Example Problem

Hypothesis testing is used to infer the result of a hypothesis performed on sample data from a larger population. In this lesson, our JC2 Math PMC tutor gives a systematic run-down of the approach to these questions.

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