JC 1 Maths (A-level) Tuition Lesson

Method of Difference in Summation of Series

In this lesson, our JC1 Maths PMC tutor explains his systematic approach and the applications of formulas, where necessary, to solve the equation.

Parametric Equation Differentiation

Parametric equations are used to express the coordinates of the points that make up a geometric object such as a curve and differentiation helps us find rates of change. In this video, our JC1 Maths PMC tutor gives a lesson on attempting differentiation questions and the usage of their many formulas.

Solving Rational Inequalities

In this video, our JC1 Maths tutor guides us through solving rational inequalities. Rational inequalities are inequalities which contains a rational expression (a fraction in which the numerator and/or the denominator are polynomials).

Ellipse Graphing Technique

This lesson explains the steps needed to graph an ellipse and the understanding required for the topic.

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