JC Student PMC Invitation Remarks

JC Student PMC Invitation Remarks


WELCOME JC Students!



It’s no mean feat for a tuition centre to consistently distinguish itself in the competitive Singapore education scene, but THE PHYSICS & MATHS CAFE has done just that for the past ten years and counting. We’ve been producing top quality grades at the annual GCE ‘A’ Level examinations, Hurray!! Wait, there’s more… The quality and consistency of our notes are renowned for its SECRET RECIPE! Interested to find out the KEY ingredients? Or Want to try our ALA Carte service?


Sign up here at www.pmc.sg


For ALA carte, you may refer to point 5 of https://thephysicscafe.com/contact/

To check for class schedules, https://thephysicscafe.com/classes/

To check for our Locations, https://thephysicscafe.com/location/

Read more of our A level exam results and national average report at https://thephysicscafe.com/results/


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