JC Chemistry (A-level) Tuition Lesson


In this lesson, our JC1 Chemistry tutor goes through the rules of thumb for assigning and calculating oxidation states. The lesson also touched on balancing half-equations using the AOHE technique, and redox titration.

Chemical Bonding

Our tutor goes through how to deduce the polarity of molecules based on presence of polar bonds and shape of molecules, and also strategy to tackle questions on melting and boiling point.

Atoms, Molecules & Stoichiometry

For this lesson, one of the key concepts touched on is dilution of solution to make standard solutions using volumetric flask. Our students also learnt how to calculate molecular formula of hydrocarbon using combustion data.

Atomic Structure

During this lesson, we recall the structure of an atom and use of chemical symbol, nuclide notation to find the respective number of subatomic particles, and the behaviour of particles in electric field.


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