JC Chemistry (A-level) Tuition Lesson

Comparing Chemical Bonding

In this lesson, our JC1 Chemistry tutor goes through the different types of chemical bonding as well as comparing them to let students further understand the fundamental differences.

Rate-Concentration Graph Chemistry Questions

Rate-Concentration Graphs are common in most Chemistry exam papers. Although it may seem simple, the tutor explains to the students clear steps to ensure that no errata is made from the calculations of the formulas.

Shapes of Molecules

To know more about the shape of molecules in chemistry, bond angles and VSEPR theory are studied to produce an accurate molecule diagram. Our tutor explains the relationship through a series of practice questions for the students.

VSEPR Theory

The tutor breaks down the definition and analysis of the VSEPR theory, one of the most important concepts in chemical bonding.

Effect of Concentration on Rate of Reaction

Rate of reaction is affected by many variables, and exam questions like to focus on such concept points. Our tutor goes through the steps of deriving the answers.

Finding Rate Constant

Rate constants can be derived from concentration graphs to tell us more about the chemical reaction. The tutor explains more during the lesson by going through an example JC question.