J2 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – MYE Physics Revision

J2 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – MYE Physics Revision

“ARE YOU READY?” June Holiday Intensive Revision

Hi J2s,

You are now in your last lap of the A-level journey. We would have completed the entire syllabus by the end of this term.

In a few more weeks, you will be having your June holidays. This is a critical period for you as it’s the last opportunity for you to re-visit all the topics in all subjects as you prepare for the BIG exam. If you allow these 30 days to go to waste, you will never get another opportunity like this again. I will show you the facts. Most of you are having your common tests in July and after you get back your results, you will be having your Prelim 5 weeks later in Sept. After your Prelim, you will have another 8 weeks to your final A level Exam. This exam is what you have been preparing for in the past 6 years since secondary school.

J2 Physics MYE revision

June Holiday Intensive Revision

During this June holiday, we will be coming back for 7 lessons of 4 hours each (28 hours) to revisit EVERY TOPIC. Each of you will be given a book of secrets. We will write down all the concepts and the different types of questions into this little book of secrets.

Your seniors and I have gone through all these and we know that this June holidays intensive revision is very important. It allows us to achieve a close to 100% A and B in the A-level exam. It is compulsory for all students of The Physics Cafe to attend the lessons.  We shall celebrate after the June holidays by giving ourselves a well-deserved break in after the holiday.

Post – June Holiday

After the June holidays, we will have about 5-6 lessons to go through the techniques in answering qualitative questions. In addition, we have allocated 2 lessons for practice on answering data analysis questions. This is important in securing an A as this is usually the section that helps the markers set the A and B scorers apart from one another. (Click here to see the A scorers from the batch of ’16)


Written by Head of Academic, Mr Dave Sim

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