J2 Math Term 2 Newsletter – J2 Math MYE Revision

J2 Math Term 2 Newsletter – J2 Math MYE Revision

As promised at the start of Term 1, we are progressing well to finish the A-level syllabus by the end of Term 2. Take a deep breath!
By end of Term 2, you would have learnt all the content and be able to finally revise, consolidate, connect the dots and tackle wider varieties of questions.

Looking Forward…

So what lies ahead in June?
The signature JC2 Maths June Holiday Crash Course will be conducted during the June holidays to prepare you well for the June Common Test. It will be so intensive such that you will feel exhausted and hungry during the 4 hours workshop (that’s why lunch and dinner are provided to perk you up!). As Steve Jobs would say,
J2 Maths MYE
There will be greater emphasis on problem solving strategies (this is very important!) and exposure to higher order thinking questions. Each of you will also get a takeaway package for all topics, complete with detailed work solutions.
When you come back after the June Common Test, we will be going through a 2nd round of revision, tackling a few topics each time, trying to solve more interesting questions at a faster pace and more intensive pace. We will also help you form a summary for each topic, because summaries are the most important resource to tap on when you are doing your revision at the last stage.
Written by J2 Math Academic Team
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