[J2] Lesson 23 (SHM + Complex Numbers June Revision + Acid Base Equilibrium)

[J2 Physics PMCians] The World of Oscillations!! (SHM)


What we did in 2 hours:

We completed our revision on Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), understanding that SHM involves oscillatory motion where the acceleration is always opposite to the displacement from equilibrium, but proportional to the magnitude of that displacement. We now also understand what Resonance is when a system undergoes Forced Oscillations!

What you take home:

SHM Solutions to resources (4Q Quizes): 


Special Mention:

Next lesson, we will continue our Revision on Electric Field!


Till then, stay rested in the midst of your busyness!!

[J2 Maths PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

Our Pure Math revision continued with Complex Numbers. We revisited the basics, including the Cartesian and Modulus/Argument forms of a complex number. These were applied onto common question types involving simultaneous equations, polynomials, sketching types and always rea/imaginary numbers, among others.


Build up your familiarity with the common properties and responses to standard questions, and note how much smoother it makes the questions go!

What you take home:

Worked solutions for Q8&9 and Take-Away questions are linked here. Additionally, for the students who were not with us earlier this year, the 2019 A levels complex numbers question is here for your reference.



The link for Hypothesis Testing questions and Take-Away solutions is:


Special Mention:

This week, we move to our first part of Calculus revision, which is on Differentiation. Be prepared!


See You (online) and Stay Healthy!

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[J2 Chemistry PMCians] Reviewing Equilibrium!


What we did in 2 hours:

We have completed revision on Acid Base Equilibrium, revisiting concepts such as buffer solutions, titration curves and indicators.

What you take home:

The solutions to Homework for the past few chapters are found here:




Special Mention:

Next lesson, we shall begin our revision into Organic Chemistry.


See you (online)!

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