J1 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – J1 Physics MYE Revision

J1 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – J1 Physics MYE Revision

Hello J1s,

I am sure by now, you know the difference between the requirements in secondary school and JC. Everyone around you seems to be very motivated and passionate to learn and excel. They are stressed, but are excited that there are challenges ahead. You probably realise that you may top your tests every year in secondary school previously, but even you will have to work hard to catch up with lectures and tutorials now.

Since the beginning of this year, the accelerated rate of our lessons has ensured that you understand the essentials of each topic even before your schools covered them. We are amazingly fast, completing each topic within 2 lessons. Fast, not because we are running out of time, BUT because we are concise, and we learn to see things in a different way, the way smart students would.

J1 MYE revision

Let’s break it down for you…

  1. The 1st lesson of the topic is a crash course of what you need to know. Unbelievable isn’t it, that we can be so clear and concise – compressing everything that your schools cover in 3-4 lectures into just 1 tuition lesson.
  2. The 2nd lesson is where we look at carefully selected 2016 Prelim questions from the topic to train our problem-solving skills. We show you how smart students approach questions, and we zoom into the methodical thinking behind solving each question.

With just these 2 lessons per topic, you will learn to look at a question and instantaneously understand what concept the examiner is testing, and therefore gain an edge over your peers when solving the question!

You should be breezing through the tutorial questions or lecture tests for the topics that we had covered in class. We will be using the June Holidays to further consolidate all the chapters to get ready for the exam in July

Topics completed so far (End of Term 2)

  1. Measurement and Uncertainty
  2. Kinematics
  3. Forces
  4. Dynamics
  5. Work, Energy, Power
  6. Circular Motion (Week 7,8)
  7. Gravitation (Week 9, 10)

I must remind you that the June holidays is the only period that you can revise every chapter in preparation for your common test in JULY. Your teachers will be giving back your results in August. How much time do you really have before you take your Promotional Examinations in September? 1 month? Less than that actually, considering that you have to set time aside to revise other content subjects, struggle with PW, etc…

Am I trying to give you more stress than you need?

Yes I am, but I am giving it at the right time.

My advice is that you do not waste the June holidays. Trust me. Use that time wisely to reinforce your concepts from every subject, every chapter. You will be doing yourself a favour by doing so.

It’s unfortunate that Promos is in Sept. 2017 is a short year for us. But that also means that we are going to have a long holiday when the Promo ends. 😀


Written by Head of Academic, Mr Dave Sim



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