J1 Math Term 2 Newsletter – J1 Math MYE Revision

J1 Math Term 2 Newsletter – J1 Math MYE Revision

As we move towards the tail end of Term 2, everyone’s focus will naturally be drawn towards the upcoming Mid Year Exams (or Common Tests, BT1, etc….). For many, this will be the first full paper that you are taking, and it also presents an invaluable opportunity to take stock of your progress.

J1 Maths MYE Revision

Current topics

Nonetheless, there are still new topics to pick up, and as of T2W7 we are covering Sequences and Series, which includes the following subtopics:
Arithmetic / Geometric Progressions
Summation Series
Method of Differences
Whether you’re having a head-start or revisiting the topic, we aim to take you through a structured approach to the topics with a wide range of practice questions and concise mindmaps like no other.

Different strokes, different folks

Also, the centre is making special arrangements to cater for students who have a heavier focus on other topics, like vectors. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to prepare schedules that allow for students to cover the important topics for major exams, regardless of their JCs. Check out our schedule for the different classes available.

Signature June Workshop

All this culminates in our intensive June Holiday program, which will provide students with a comprehensive revision scheme including concept revision, grade-A type questions and topical tests. J1 life can be full of events but when it comes down to preparation for the mid years, trust us to take you through it with our time-tested workshop.
See you!
Written by J1 Math Academic Team
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