[J1] Lesson 26 (WEP Revision+ Sequence and Series + Energetics)

[J1 Physics PMCians] Work, Energy, Power (WEP) – the incredible Problem Solving tool!!


What we did in 2 hours:

We revised the 2 main concepts in WEP

1) template on using Conservation of Energy 

2) calculating Power

Time was well spent applying these problem solving tools to the great questions selected. 

What you take home:

WEP Round 1 (Qn 14) & Take-Away questions (solutions)


Special Mention:

This coming week, we will begin a new topic – Thermal Physics

For students who plan to attend lessons online next week, you may print the notes at home to get ready for your online lesson.  


And we also begin our new Onsite & Online lessons simultaneously this coming week, so choose the best option that suits you!


Till then, have a blessed week, and never stop enjoying learning!! 🙂

[J1 Maths PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

Concluding our round of Mid-Year Revisions, we went through more application questions in AP GP and covered some Summation & Method of Differences.

The applications in AP GP are highly popular contexts in recent years; do note how the AP GP comparison type is set up and build up good processes and habits regarding the modelling questions!

For our practice on Summation, it is important to note that there are many ways to evaluate a Sigma notation operation, but we aim to do it the most efficient way, always. Method of Differences is usually fun and straightforward, but do be familiar with factorials and extension parts, especially the Replacement type.


What you take home:

The take-away solutions and Integrated/Challenging questions solutions are linked here:


Special Mention:

This week, onsite lessons resume! Joining us online is still available, so do choose a format and timeslot that works for you and arrange make-up or apply for a change in your regular timeslot if necessary.

We move on with the syllabus this week, with a followup from Differentiation, Series Expansions (Maclaurin Series).


See You and Stay Healthy!

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[J1 Chemistry PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

This lesson, we pay particular attention to drawing energy cycles and applying Hess’ Law to calculate the enthalpy change of reactions. Along the way, we revised the definitions of the ten enthalpy changes and highlighted their key features each. Along the way, we looked at how Gibbs’ free energy and entropy related to enthalpy.

What you take home:

The solutions to Test Yourself and Structured Question 6 are found here:


Special Mention:

Next lesson, we continue with our syllabus and look at Organic Chemistry. A reminder that you can come back on site at our outlets for lessons, starting this coming week!

Home-Based Learning (HBL)

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2) One Weekly PMC LIVE Tutorial (www.pmc.sg/live)

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