[J1] Lesson 21 (25 – 31 May) Updates/ Debrief

[J1 Physics PMCians] Gravitational Field and Conservation of Energy


What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we continued to reinforce the problem solving skills needed for the topic of Gravitation.  We then combined the concepts with Conservation of Energy to show that we can calculate the minimum speed required to project an object from Earth to infinity, and it will never come back!!

What you take home:

1) Gravitation Test A (for reference only)

Here is the link to the resources used during the Live lesson. 


Special Mention:

In our next LIVE tutorial, we will integrate the topic of Gravitation with not only Conservation of Energy, but with Circular Motion. That’s the study of how satellites work!!  

Gentle reminder that there will be NO Lecture Webcast for this week. 


Till we meet again, stay healthy and strong! 🙂

[J1 Maths PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

In our 2nd part of Applications of Differentiation, we looked at Maxima & Minima as well as Connected Rates of Change.

Our skills involving stationary points and proof using 1st and 2nd derivatives, as well as chain rule rates of change were put to a wide range of questions involving implicit differentiation and parametric equations.


Additional Lesson 1: Vectors

We also covered the first of our Additional Lesson, which is a review of all techniques in the chapter, as well as practice in some application questions.


What you take home:

Applications of Differentiation: Try-It questions worked solutions are linked here:



Vectors Additional Lesson: Grade-A questions and Take-away questions solutions are linked here:


Special Mention:

We will wrap up our Applications of Differentiation in this week’s lesson, and also kick off some revision with Inequalities. Check your student portal before lesson this week for Inequalities Revision materials.


See You (online) and Stay Healthy!

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[J1 Chemistry PMCians] Getting you up to SPEED this May Holidays


What we did in 2 hours:

What a week huh? This week, all thanks to our additional lesson, we have successfully completed Chemical Kinetics. Let us take a quick look at what we have managed to cover:

  1. Find order of reaction using tables and graphs
  2. First-order kinetics (half-lives and pseudo orders)
  3. Relating reaction mechanism to rate equation
  4. Understanding energy profile diagrams
  5. Catalysts (homogeneous, heterogeneous, autocatalysts and enzymes)

What you take home:

The solutions to Everything you need to know series and solutions to selected structured questions for Chemical Kinetics are found here:


Special Mention:

Next lesson, we begin revision for June Common Test by revising Mole Concept, Stoichiometry & Redox Reactions.



Mr Leong

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