If you’re currently sending your child for tuition, then you might be unknowingly ignoring one HUGE factor… This factor underlines the learning environment of the student… and it’d likely affect his motivation and interest towards the subject. Believe it or not… you can’t afford to neglect CULTURE...

4 Ways Tuition Is Done Differently at The Physics Cafe a a For secondary school and JC students, mugging the examination syllabus can sometimes feel like an uphill battle; it may be tough, but it’s definitely not impossible. Subjects like Physics and Mathematics tend to get super convoluted and classroom...

Our Journey in PMC

The road at the beginning may be Rough,

But it sets out to distinguish the Tough.

Our actions determine our Personality,

Let’s start with the basic of Punctuality.

Integrity, Independence and Resilience,

Embrace these elements to attain Excellence.

Nothing lasts Forever,

So let’s savour every Endeavour.

Always give your Best,

So that we can leave with no Regrets.

As the journey comes to an End,

Celebrate as there is nothing to Amend.