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8 Things to do after you finish your exams

adminSep 24, 20215 min read
Finishing your exams

The exam period is one of the most pressuring times in a student’s life. It is a duration where you spend all your energy to…

How to Prepare for Chemistry Practical Exams

adminSep 17, 20216 min read
Preparing for chemistry practical exams

Chemistry practical assessment is one of the components in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination. It tests students their performing and observing, analyzing, and planning…

How to Succeed in Your New Chemistry Class

adminSep 7, 20215 min read

It may come as no surprise that most of the students who do well in chemistry once had a hard time with the subject. Chemistry…

How to Ace your Math Final

adminAug 19, 20215 min read
math final exam

Are you getting ready for the math final? You can be a bundle of nerves if it is your first final exam. Many people experience…

How to Get Better Grades in Chemistry

adminAug 2, 20215 min read

Students either love or dread chemistry. It’s challenging, and most students tend to avoid it as it is an elective subject. However, if you plan…

How to Avoid Blanking Out in a Chemistry Exam

adminMar 16, 20215 min read
How to Avoid Blanking Out in a Chemistry Exam

Have you ever gone to an exam room and you barely remembered anything? You had studied so well for your chemistry exam, but when you…

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