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5 Benefits of Doing Past Exam Papers

Nov 2, 20215 min read
5 Benefits of Doing Past Exam Papers

Are you about to sit for your PSLE, secondary school, or junior college exam? Do you feel adequately prepared? One of the best ways to…

How to Deal with Exam Anxiety

Oct 15, 20215 min read
exam anxiety

According to a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, students in Singapore have more exam anxiety than their international peers. The competitive…

9 Study Break Ideas for Successful Chemistry Learning

Oct 8, 20215 min read
study break

According to research, taking a purposeful break for about 5-60 minutes from studying to refresh your body and brain helps you increase your energy, ability…

7 Common Mistakes Students Make in Exams

Oct 1, 20215 min read
7 Common Mistakes Students Make in Exams

Each time students sit for their exams, one of them makes a mistake that they could avoid. These mistakes students make are repeated over and…

8 Things to do after you finish your exams

Sep 24, 20215 min read
Finishing your exams

The exam period is one of the most pressuring times in a student’s life. It is a duration where you spend all your energy to…

How to Prepare for Chemistry Practical Exams

Sep 17, 20216 min read
Preparing for chemistry practical exams

Chemistry practical assessment is one of the components in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination. It tests students their performing and observing, analyzing, and planning…

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