3 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Kids For Exam

3 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Kids For Exam

Students preparing for exams often feel under pressure. The pressure may result in feelings of anxiety or nervousness, and this exam stress can interfere with the individual’s daily life. While a certain amount of stress may be beneficial, too much exam stress can cause individuals to perform poorly on tests that mean so much to them. By providing encouragement, being a support system and allowing them time to pursue their interests will enable your child to feel less stressed and will motivate them substantially. Listed below are the 3 simple ways which will keep your child motivated and will ensure good performance in exams.

1. Provide Encouragement

Try your best to reassure them that it is not the end of the world even if they fail. Give them the needed confidence to overpower exam stress, so that they can calm down and be secured before appearing for their exam.  Remember that your child looks up to you for encouragement and approval. If they feel appreciated by you, then they are more likely to feel more valued and encouraged. Apart from providing them with extra help in the subject by enrolling them in a Physics tuition, you must also complement this move with encouragements for your child’s performance. Have an enthusiastic conversation with your child and compliment them from time to time so that he feels good about himself and is motivated to study.

2. Give Them Rewards

Here at The Physics Cafe, we reward for students not just for their academic achievements, but also for their efforts. While we do celebrate the good results of our students, we also celebrate their progress and all the effort invested to achieving such feats. Through the student portal, we allocate points to students who do well in quizzes, students who participate in Kahoot games and many more!

3. Eliminate the Fear of Failing

Exam anxiety clearly refers to the feelings of tension and anxiety that occurs when school examination is fast approaching. Kids may loose their self-confidence due to examination. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of it.

Apparently, to a child, the failure does not mean actually failing the examination, but falling short of expectations. Don’t give up and keep reminding them that they will flawlessly do well if they strive for it! Parents can play a great and unmatched role in assisting their kids overcoming the fear of examination.

One of the best of relieving exam anxiety is through games and household activities. Many children will gladly participate in these games, unmindful of the fact that they are eliminating their exam problems that gives them fright and anxiety. Ultimately, you can also boost their confidence by rewarding their great performance.

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