100 Reasons why you should join The Physics Cafe (PMC.SG Education Group)


  1. We have been tried and trusted since 2010.
  2. 9 out of 10 students scored A in A-Level Physics.
  3. We are located at convenient locations besides Novena, Bishan and Paya Lebar MRT. 
  4. We give free Ice Milo and pop-corns in class. 
  5. We give free popcorn in class.
  6. We are not cheap. But we can produce results.
  7. Our teachers are our bragging rights.
  8. Lessons are easy to follow, regardless of who you are.
  9. Quality notes and hand-picked top notch practice questions are the most copied notes in Singapore!
  10. Our tutors are passionate about their jobs. It’s not easy to pass the interview !
  11. We use modern technology (more high-tech than MOE or any other tuition centre).
  12. We have student councillors (ex-students) to help, guide and counsel our PMCians. 
  13. We have a student portal (higher standard than university portal) for students to have ready and easy access to materials, announcements etc. 
  14. One of our tutors is a magician.
  15. We have a team of lovely and helpful admins whe are PMC graduates.
  16. We give constructive feedback and encouragement to students and reassurances to parents.
  17. Our tutors are constantly ready to provide help to our students via 24/7 WhatsApp hotline
  18. Students can watch the lessons online at www.edutv.sg
  19. Materials are prepared with our students’ needs in mind. (it is very different from lecture notes)
  20. We are featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper, Asiaone Vulcan Post, CNA, and The Smart Local.
  21. We give free tissue packets with formulas. (Free flow)
  22. Students and teachers alike are the best in Singapore. (No questions about that.)
  23. Lessons are engaging like a magic performance. It is fast, yet you will not find it too fast.
  24. Concise lessons with SOP to follow. That’s way you can score A as we take over your mind.
  25. Easy to study and comprehensive notes, arranged by question type.
  26. Consolidated revision at the right time before major exams.
  27. Secrets Enclosed – the most comprehensive study resource in the country. Some call it the bible.
  28. We have 10 years of reputation of being the best tuition centre in Singapore.
  29. Finely honed problem solving techniques used by top students
  30. We train students in Grade-A open ended qualitative explanation questions.
  31. We have sitcoms at edutv.sg free of charge for the students to recap questions type before exam.
  32. More than just tuition – friendships and community are forged here.
  33. Teachers here are caring and nurturing. Money is not the motivation.
  34. We believe that all difficult questions can be broken down into many simple questions.
  35. We give exam questions for your DIY and free video solutions to go through these DIY.
  36. We do not hire fresh graduates. We hire the best teachers in Singapore.
  37. Our notes are one of the best with all necessary content presented in a concise manner.
  38. We are not the cheapest, but we are the best in our profession.
  39. All tutors teach in the same style, using the same pedagogy.
  40. One of our secondary tutors is a superintendent in MOE!
  41. The admin staff are always ready to address any of your queries. 
  42. Our students earn pmc currency from class quiz to pay their school fee.
  43. We have a student / parents portal from the Android and IOS store. Go download now.
  44. We have our in-house examinations and weighted assignments. 
  45. We conduct teachers-parents meetings before and after the exams.
  46. We allow students to attend makeup classes across all our outlets. 
  47. We give free video lessons by our tutors for the students to learn ahead of scheduled lessons.
  48. We covered Maths, Physics and Chemistry for our lower secondary PMCians as our teaching is efficient.
  49. We have our digital library, www.edutv.sg for the students to watch Netflix sitcoms and movies.
  50. We have an online store for students to shop for the latest trendy items with their PMC currency.
  51. We have a student affairs team dedicated to help the students in their academic needs.
  52. We do not have a sales team to sell gimmicks to the parents. 
  53. We show empathy to both students and parents when results do not meet expectations.
  54. We have 3000+ real reviews from students and parents.
  55. We have a real cafe counter in The Physics Cafe Novena at United Square.
  56. All our classrooms are painted bright yellow and blue.
  57. We do not offer walk-in or call-in sales. Most students join by word of mouth.
  58. Our tutors are not fresh graduates. Our tutors are super tutors which are hard to find..
  59. Our director is a teacher. 
  60. Our centres smell nice.
  61. We make weekly announcements to our students.
  62. We have a dedicated whatsApp hotline for our students to ask questions.
  63. Our students recommend friends to our centre willingly, but we reward them anyway!
  64. We have an in-house auditorium which can hold 80 students.
  65. We play pop songs before and after class.
  66. Our teachers wear a head-microphone
  67. Our tutors wear pmc uniforms and look good in them.
  68. We hired our ex-students to sort exam questions.
  69. We give free flashcards to our students.
  70. Our tutors are cute and funny, but at the same time, experienced.
  71. Mysteries free snacks and drinks every week
  72. Our percentage A for A level is 80%, double the national average.
  73. We take in students from all schools and they top their classes within 6 months.
  74. We have the most comfortable chairs in the centre.
  75. We have specialised gold class 1-1 private lessons where you will have personalised attention.
  76. We have a JC Physics tutor who is a very popular lecturer in RI.
  77. We offer IB Chemistry tutoring by Chemistry graduates who are ACSI Old Boys!
  78. We offer free IA and EE consultations for IB students!
  79. Our EduTV sitcoms cover all FAQ in Physics, Maths and Chemistry where you can subscribe monthly.
  80. Our sitcoms in EduTV are categorised by concepts that help strategize students’ learning.
  81. We have carefully-designed exclusive PMC textbooks for students!
  82. We don’t give notes in loose sheets, unlike other centres.
  83. We deliver more interactive lessons by writing on digital screens rather than powerpoints!
  84. We offer a 3-in-1 Math+Science tutoring for all Sec 1 and 2 students!
  85. Our centres are conveniently located near MRT stations.
  86. We have our own chauffeurs to send our tutors to different outlets.
  87. We energise students with free coke.
  88. Our centres have comfortable chairs and tables for conducive learning.
  89. We offer live online lessons even before circuit breaker.
  90. We give quizzes regularly to check on students’ progress.
  91. You can register for ala carte lessons before you commit to the whole term.
  92. We have holiday workshops where we serve nice chicken rice.
  93. All PMCians have PMC uniform.
  94. We can teach Physics in Singish well.
  95. We teach Maths using science methods.
  96. We have a very well-known JC Chemistry tutor in PMC.
  97. Some say our PMC students are all very good looking. (influencer-type)
  98. We have a 10 years record of 80% A for secondary Chemistry.
  99. We have a lot of RI students in PMC Bishan.
  100. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple in PMC. 
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