10 Things About The Physics Cafe

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10 Things About The Physics Cafe

What comes to mind when people mention The Physics Cafe? Effective? Helpful? Perhaps reliable may even be considered to be an understatement. For years we have grown in size and in strength to become a premium tuition centre in Singapore, specialising in Physics and Maths education for Secondary and JC students. Below are 10 facts and achievements that we have accumulated over the years, we hope you have a good read!

1. Only 1 tutor is shortlisted out of 30 interviewed.

Each tutor is paid on average $350 per hour. That’s up to 3 times the pay of the average tutor in Singapore. What’s more, our tutors undergo months of training before they are allowed to lead classes, so you can be assured that our tutors are top-notch and top-quality 🙂

2. Our branch near Beauty World MRT is the 2nd branch open to the public.

As of May 2017, our new branch is opening at the penthouse level of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Good news for the westies!

3. Our main school next to Toa Payoh MRT is half a football field big, with our very own:

(1) lecture theatre,
(2) in-house cafe, and
(3) shuttle bus service

4.  We hire ex students as student councillors to assist in students matter. 

If you are keen on joining us, you’re welcome to drop us an email 🙂

5. Registration for our classes are done strictly online.

This is to facilitate the registration process, and to make it more convenient for you.

6.  Our Founder Principal Tutor, Mr Dave Sim, is the renowned physics super tutor in Singapore, with a teaching experience of 6 years at RI.

We’ll let Mr Sim speak for himself here:

“I am the director and the head of academic. This switch (from RI to The Physics Cafe) means I can control exactly what and how you learn. I can test you my way. I can then let the results speak for themselves. It does not matter who you are or where you are from. I know that if I cannot help you, no one can. But of course, it’s up to you to prove me wrong. Try to get a “C” or a “D” for your final paper!”

7. 70% of our students are from IP schools

Some of you may wonder if our lessons are suitable for students from the IP stream. Fear not! Our lessons here are catered to both IP and non-IP students as the syllabus is the same. In fact, we have a good mix of students from both IP and non-IP streams and no one gets left behind.

8. At least 80% of our students scored A in Physics and/or Maths in the A levels – doubling the national average!!!

We are very very proud of our students who have done well in the A levels and would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the graduated batch of 2016. You have worked hard and gotten the grades you truly deserved. Good Job! Do visit our hall of fame to find out more.

9. 9 out of 10 students scored a distinction in the Physics and/or Maths in the O-level exam

Need we say more?

10. We have a 1000 student yearly enrollment!

Most of our students here are recommended by friends/family and we are very heartened by the support shown to us over the years. Read the reviews given to us by our ex-students and parents here.

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